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Quality and Compliance monitoring

At Connect iQ we understand that contact centre quality isn’t simply about ticking boxes

Does your reported quality score fluctuate from week to week, sometimes significantly? Does your quality score feel like it is not aligned to what you think a good call should be?

These challenges are more commonplace than you might think. So, if you are experiencing these, you are not alone. Fluctuating scores and limited impacts on business are symptoms of a poor quality framework. A sound quality framework should not be seen as a cost to the business but as a value-add. It should;

  • Protect against regulatory breaches
  • Deliver consistent, meaningful information that can improve business performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Be reliable enough to compliment reward and recognition programmes

And if you currently do your quality and compliance monitoring in Australia, Europe or the USA, our service can reduce your costs by more than 30%.

Connect iQ has an experienced team of managers and staff who can help with all of these challenges and support your organisation to differentiate your proposition from the competition.

Our teams have experience supporting clients in South Africa, the UK, Australia, the US, India and the Czech Republic. This support has covered every type of campaign; if there is a reason to engage with a customer, our teams have covered it. And it doesn’t matter how you manage relationships with your customers, voice, correspondence, social media or webchat, we have experts in them all.

Sadly, many don’t see this as the most exciting part of a contact centre’s world, but in this age of data security and regulatory oversight, it is certainly one of the most important.

An impartial and unbiased view

Having an independent check on an operation’s performance can be hugely beneficial.

Our teams are never incentivised on the quality score. To ensure complete neutrality, they don’t even see the quality score until after our reports are produced.

Our agents are measured on their accuracy, not on the quality score they report on, our clients get reliable information that can be trusted. And our dependable teams are never diverted from their core task in the way that internal teams can be.

Our sophisticated monitoring programme is complemented by equally sophisticated reporting and built with operational delivery in mind. Our goal is to deliver easy to use information that can be acted on quickly and effectively. Information at all structure levels is available, right down to individual agent dashboard pages.

Our reporting directs users to ‘Good Call Libraries’ to help the operation reference excellent examples from their best agents to help improve the performance of those agents that need more help.

Contact us for a demonstration on how we can revolutionise your quality and compliance programme to give you a competitive edge in your marketplace.

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You may have used speech analytics technology, or know organisations that have, and felt that it didn’t deliver the expected value. This is the story for many users, and as a result, in some corners of the industry, this technology has picked itself up a poor reputation, unfairly we believe. Although not true in every case, the biggest problem with this technology is not normally the technology, but the execution of it.

Speech analytics is not the silver bullet many people think it is. But when used effectively, by experienced teams, it can deliver exceptional results, encompassing much larger volumes of data than a team of people can.

The mistake many organisations make with this technology is to use it to replace a team of people. Granted, it can definitely reduce the labour required to deliver high volume outputs, but the most effective use of this technology is when you have a blend of expert users overseeing the execution of both a strategic and tactical programme.

And guess what? We know just the people to help land this technology in the most effective way. Whether you are using this technology already and need help getting the most from it, or are looking to try it for the first time, contact us to see how we can help.

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  • Conversational AI

    Automate processes, increase self-service, cut down operational costs.

  • Conversational Analytics

    Analyse customer conversations, find the root cause behind issues.

  • Conversational Biometrics

    Benefit from the most trusted security feature; the human voice.

Consultancy and Professional Services

Connect iQ are experts in quality and compliance operational processes. We understand how quality programmes can, and should, have a positive impact on operational performance. This comes from our experience blending complex monitoring strategies to achieve remarkable results that start with your business objectives in mind and then centre around agent performance, process simplicity and customer engagement.

Our consultancy and professional quality services can be called upon to conduct an impartial review of what is currently in place in an operation and to share best practices gained from our experience around the world.

We understand how to mitigate risk and deliver value-added services through strategic quality and compliance frameworks; from building a scorecard suited to your environment and aligned to your company objectives, through monitoring strategies and on to outputs that bring about meaningful change.

One size does not fit all! We understand how a robust quality and compliance programme should work in partnership with the operation, recruitment, training and HR. That’s why we can work hand in hand with the relevant functions in your business to investigate where the key challenges lie in your current approach and help you to develop a bespoke way forward that suits your business needs and objectives.

Unlike typical consultancy approaches that review, report, makes recommendations then walk away, the Connect iQ team integrates with your business from start through to the effective implementation of any recommendations to ensure greater chances of success. And after that, we are always on hand to support, so you won’t be left to improve your business alone.

We are happy to do a no-obligation initial three-day review, completely free. All we ask is that you cover our basic costs. Contact us to see how we can help your business to achieve a world-class quality, compliance and insight programme that delivers actual business improvements.

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Insight Services

Achieving exceptional levels of performance and service, and maximising the value to be had from the customer journey in the contact centre environment, requires intelligent insight.

Understanding the relationship, and the difference between data and information, is often where the intelligence is discovered, and the value is derived. This is Insight. The insight we can extract from interactions between your most valued assets – your agents and your customers, can help you to:

  • Improve sales performance
  • Increase values per sale, not just volumes
  • Increase upsells/cross-sells to existing customer base
  • Improve customer service metrics such as NPS, CSAT and ASAT
  • Competitor analysis
  • Reduce AHTs, and
  • Retain more customers through improving retentions campaign effectiveness

Our programme collects data on agent behaviours, sales capabilities, process adherence, barriers to sale, customer satisfaction and many other components, to provide a comprehensive understanding of how well you are doing. But more importantly, our sophisticated outputs then help you to put plans and actions into place.

Our insight service has helped many of our clients to significantly improve their performance. We are so confident in our ability to improve operational performance that we are happy to work on a risk or reward basis.

Contact us to see how we can help you to understand your operational effectiveness better and support you in making changes that genuinely improve your business.

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